What qualifies a person as an expert witness?

The distinction between a general and expert witness is important, as the testimony of each carries different weight. A general witness may provide statements that simply help to tell the story of the case, while an expert witness will provide more detailed and in-depth testimony based on their specialized knowledge or experience. This can be critical when it comes to the outcome of a case. For example, in a criminal case, an expert witness could provide crucial testimony on the likelihood of certain evidence or how reliable a particular type of evidence is. This could help strengthen the case for either the prosecution or defense, depending on the circumstances. Similarly, an expert witness in a civil case could offer testimony on a specific area of expertise that could influence a jury’s decision. Without understanding the difference between a general and an expert witness, attorneys may not make the most effective use of witnesses in their cases. Knowing the difference between them is essential for ensuring that each side has access to appropriate evidence to make their case as strong as possible.

The basics: what is a witness?

How can you tell if someone is an expert witness?

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Expert Witnesses

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