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Christopher C. Pflaum, Ph.D. (Technical Expert Witness)

(Technical Expert Background Info Summary)

Christopher C. Pflaum, Ph.D. is a Technical Expert Witness and is the President of an Economics firm in Kansas and states he has done a lot of work for telecommunications and loss of profits.  He specializes regulatory policy analysis and also consults and testifies in civil litigation in the areas of antitrust, fraud, breach of contract, trade secrets disputes, business interference, business valuation and lost earnings and profits.

Dr. Pflaum studied BA in English from St. John’s University, MBA with concentration in Finance from University of Miami and Ph.D. in Finance and Operations Management from University of South Carolina. He is a nationally recognized expert on utility finance and property valuation and has presented papers and speeches in this area before numerous regulatory and financial groups.


(Technical Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Ph.D. in Finance and Operations Management
  • Principal, Spectrum Economics, Inc.
  • Director of Financial Research, Lubow McKay Stevens & Lewis
  • Faculty, Finance Department, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
  • President – Kansas City Council on Business Economics (1991 to 1993)
  • Chairman – NARUC Subcommittee on Finance (1983 to 1984)
  • American Economic Association
  • American Finance Association
  • Part of Public Utility and Energy Economics Projects
  • Experienced with Testimonies related to Personal Injuries, Wrongful Death and Discrimination


(Technical Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Prior to entering consulting, Dr. Pflaum was Senior Financial Economist and Acting Director of Revenue Requirements in the Policy Analysis and Research Division of the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Dr. Pflaum states he knows networks and will be able to calculate the cost basis for replacing capacity when the network went down (cost for rerouting the network to another network so total use was not lost).

Dr. Pflaum developed computer and financial models to analyze damages in numerous business litigation assignments such as contract damages, tortuous interference, intellectual property valuation and simple torts. He has developed surveys and statistical and data models that Spectrum has used to analyze claims as varied as FLSA and value of a trademark.

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Published: October 24, 2022
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