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Donna Gallagher, M.Ed. (Technical Expert Witness)

(Technical Expert Background Info Summary)

Donna Gallagher, M.Ed. is a Technical Expert Witness and is currently the Executive Director and owner of a corporation that provides a host of quality in-home services, which includes respite care, for the elderly and for people with developmental disabilities.  She states she has many years of experience in this area and currently oversees approximately 200-250 staff who do respite care, so she has great knowledge of the respite standards.

Ms. Gallagher received her Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA in 1978 and Master of Education in Intensive Special Education from University of Vermont, Burlington, VT in 1981. She received the Certificate of Advanced Study from University of Vermont as well.


(Technical Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Pennsylvania State University, Special Education and Elementary Education (1978)
  • Vermont State Certification, Special Education (1981)
  • Director of Residential and Vocational Services, Tungland Corporation, Tucson, AZ (March 1988 to March 2006)
  • Director of Educational and Vocational Services, Howard Mental Health Services, Burlington, VT (August 1981 to October 1987)
  • Master’s Level Instructor, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Chairperson – Pima County Juvenile Justice Board; Arizona Supreme Court (September 2004 to Present)
  • Member of CAADP-coalition of Arizonans against the death penalty
  • Board member, Neighbors of Justice; Pima County Attorney’s Office (2010 to Present)


(Technical Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Ms. Gallagher is currently serving Executive Director/Owner at Southern Arizona Family Services, Inc. in Tucson/Phoenix, AZ. She is responsible for the agency’s administrative operation and service supports provided to clients. Service supports provided include attendant care, habilitation, respite, day programs, housekeeping to individual with disabilities.

Ms. Gallagher also served as a staff member on the Vermont Human Rights Committee which was responsible for protecting the Human Rights of 34 severely handicapped adults living in an institutional setting. She wrote a grant for $40,000 to acquire supported employment money for 3 severely handicapped persons. The grant was fully funded and rated as the best grant in the state.

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Published: October 25, 2022
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