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Electrical Engineering Expert (ELE-1769)

Electrical Engineering Expert. ELE-1769 is a professor and director of a electric power program. His specialty includes electric power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization as well as electrical insulation breakdown phenomena. His teaching experience includes director of the electric power program at a private university in Southern California; he personally supervises numerous Ph.D., engineer and master degree candidates; teaches various classes in principles of electricity and electric power systems, such as machines; and supervises a staff of instructors and graduate assistants. ELE-1769s research experience includes him being a principal investigator on numerous research projects sponsored by the Department of Energy, Electric Power Research Institute, Department of Navy, Southern California Edison Company, and San Diego Gas and Electric Company.


Sc.D., electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

E.E. and M.S., electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S., electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Published: February 3, 2019
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