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Golf Expert (GOL-1701)

Golf Expert. GOL-1701 has 40 years of experience in the golf industry, as an owner and operator of two of Southern California’s finest golf courses, and as the owner of a golf consulting business. His consultancy provides consulting services relating to all aspects of the golf industry including site, design, development, remodeling, project feasibility studies, management and personnel studies, investment analysis, and fair market evaluations. The firm is also active in the negotiation of sales, leases, and management consulting for golf course properties. GOL-1701 also has experience in developing golf courses. In 1956 he founded and developed Green River Golf Club, which he owned and operated until its purchase by foreign investors in 1982.


Real Estate Courses, Business Courses, & Golf Related Courses- University of California, Los Angeles & California State University, Fullerton

Agronomy & Irrigation Courses, University of California, Riverside

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Published: February 3, 2019
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