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Joseph G. Yates, B.S.M.E., ACTAR (Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness)

(Accident Reconstruction Expert Background Info Summary)

Joseph G. Yates, B.S.M.E., ACTAR is an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness who has full accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist meeting ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) requirements for education, training, experience and completion of the ACTAR Practical Examination.

Mr. Yates received Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the California State University – Long Beach in 1991. He has also done other courses such as Accident Reconstruction: Eighty hour course in all aspects of accident reconstruction from Northwestern University – Traffic Institute in Costa Mesa and Vocational course in vehicle system operation, problem diagnosis, disassembly, repair and proper services practices from the Atlanta Motorcycle Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, where he finished at the top of class.


(Accident Reconstruction Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation (20 hour course) – SAE Professional Development, Exponent Inc.
  • Crash Data Retrieval Specialist certification (24 hour course) – Collision Safety Institute
  • Annual Vehicle Collision Technical Seminars – ARC-CSI Crash Conferences
  • National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (1990 to Present)
  • Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (1992 to Present)
  • California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (2012 to Present)


(Accident Reconstruction Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Mr. Yates states he has worked on 100’s of motorcycle accident reconstruction cases and that approximately 60% – 70% of the work he does is motorcycle related. He also states he is comfortable addressing the codes and regulations and that they have come into play in the big cases he works on.

Currently, Mr. Yates is the Vice President of Operations at Crashnet, Inc., in Yorba Linda where his responsibilities include offering accident documentation and analysis systems and training to vehicle fleet management departments, insurance and litigation professionals. He is also involved in the development of efficient vehicle and accident scene inspection methods.

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Published: November 20, 2022
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