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Larry E. Miller (Trucking and Warehouse and Loading Dock Expert Witness)

(Trucking and Warehouse and Loading Dock Expert Background Info Summary)

Larry E. Miller is a Trucking and Warehouse and Loading Dock Expert Witness and the Director at Pacific Coast Motor Carrier Safety Institute.  He is knowledgeable in State and Federal regulation as they apply to safe practices for warehouse and dock operations.  He has 40 years of trucking experience with over 22 years of those years personally dealing with loading dock platforms; he even served as a repair dock person for many years.

Mr. Miller is trained in safe operation of heavy trucks of all types, including braking issues, following distance, visibility, conspicuity, off-tracking and other issues associated with truck driving. He is also trained in the proper use of air brake system when operating heavy trucks.


(Trucking and Warehouse and Loading Dock Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Director – Pacific Coast Motor Carrier Safety Institute (2008 to Present)
  • Delivery Driver – Rhienhold Industry (1988 to 1991)
  • Truck Driving instructor – Dootson School of Trucking (1990 to 1991)
  • Trained in the Smith System of safe driving for heavy trucks
  • 37+ years of no at-fault accidents
  • ARCO Million Mile Safe Driving Award for 17 years of service with no at-fault accidents
  • Knowledgeable of DOT safety regulations and FMCSA regulations
  • Technically inclined with a proven ability to troubleshoot and repair vehicle operation issues


(Trucking and Warehouse and Loading Dock Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

As a truck driving instructor for Dootson School of Trucking, Mr. Miller taught a class on how to prepare the loading dock platform, i.e., putting down the pre-bridge to prepare for a forklift/turret truck.  He states he has seen 1,000’s of instances where the platform of a loading dock has issues latching.

In addition to that, his responsibilities also included lecturing in classrooms and applied hands-on training in the field at state of the art off-road training sites, implementing safety and driving techniques. The curriculum included use of long boxes, short boxes, doubles and reefers for local and long haul.

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Published: October 30, 2022
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