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Marine Surveyor Expert (MAR-1744)

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Marine Surveyor Expert. MAR-1744 is a senior marine surveyor for a marine surveying company in Southern California. He has surveyed in excess of 5,000 vessels and related harbor facilities (docs, wharfage, tankage and related harbor facilities). He also prepares seaworthiness surveys, trip and insurance surveys for both the insured (vessel owner) and insurance company, and pre-purchased surveys for lending institutions. MAR-1744 has acquired extensive experience as an expert witness on cases related to damage, valuation and safety.


Maritime Training, Design & Construction of Vessels, Propellers & Propulsion systems, Marine reinforced plastic construction manufacturing & repair, Corrosion control systems & analysis

U.S. Army General Equivalency Degree

Graduate of Spaulding School of Diving

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Published: February 3, 2019
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