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Michael Caloyannides, Ph.D. (Technical Expert Witness)

(Technical Expert Background Info Summary)

Michael Caloyannides, Ph.D. – a Technical Expert Witness, is an expert in the advanced technical, management, strategic planning, academic, operational, legal and applied R&D aspects of wired and wireless telecommunications and networks. He is able to address network schematic, how it runs, the amount of time for the data to switch to another cable, etc.

Dr. Caloyannides received both his M.Sc. and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Caltech and states he is recognized as being very capable in explaining highly complex technical matters to a jury of non-technologists.  He goes on to mention that he will be able to determine what area was affected and how far reaching it was. He received a U.S. Government Scientist of the Year award for Telecom and IT-related developments.


(Technical Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Expert in telecommunications, both wired and wireless
  • Expert on GPS and non-GPS geolocation
  • Expert Witness in Telecom and IT technology-related litigation, internationally
  • Chief Scientist at a US Government Agency for 13 years concentration on Telecom & Infosec issues
  • Testified in Federal court on patent cases; numerous expert depositions in civil and criminal cases
  • Completed numerous specialized courses in clandestine operations taught within the US Government
  • Licensed commercial pilot (also multiengine and instrument-rated), and pilot instructor
  • Published several Telecom and Infosec books and numerous refereed publications
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (John Hopkins University) for Graduate level telecom and IT classes
  • Scientist of the Year Award, US Gov’t for Telecom and IT-related developments


(Technical Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Currently, Dr. Caloyannides is an Adjunct Professor at John Hopkins University as well as George Washington University where he teaches network and data communications, IP Networks, and several other topics.  He is also a Senior Scientist and Tech. Fellow (highest technical position) for a major Aerospace firm.  His area of professional and research interest includes but is not limited to telecommunications, service outages and prevention thereof, and network communications.  For 13 years he was the Chief Scientist at a US Government Agency where he concentrated on Telecom & Infosec issues.

Dr. Caloyannides’  areas of professional and research interest includes Telecommunications – Service outages and prevention thereof: Best practices, Cellular Technologies (3G, 4G), Digital forensics on the increasingly diverse spectrum of digital devices besides computers, Advanced Signal Processing techniques (Kalman filtering, stochastic estimation) and Security (confidentiality, integrity, availability, attributability).

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Published: October 24, 2022
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