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Thomas R. Ward (Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics Expert Witness)

(Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics Expert Background Info Summary)

Thomas R. Ward is a Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics Expert Witness who has 20 years of experience in truck repair and maintenance. He is a Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Mechanic and is specialized in Heavy Truck Safety and Operation, Hazardous Material Transportation, Cryogenic Equipment Maintenance and Repair, etc.

Mr. Ward is a certified Pump Repair Technician for pumps used in LNG, Cryogenics, Propane, and CO2 delivery. He is also a certified Forklift Operator, and Power Pallet Jack. He is trained in the maintenance of heavy trucks to comply with DOT regulations. He further trained in the maintenance and repair of heavy truck air brake systems and specialized equipment found on commercial vehicles.


(Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Firefighter training for Flammable Liquid Tank Trucks
  • More than 20 certificates of training in the repair of class 6 and class 8 vehicles
  • Can weld, MIG, TIG in AC/DC and braze
  • H.I.R.T. Team Leader for two years; member for total four years


(Heavy Duty Truck Mechanics Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Currently, Mr. Ward is the Heavy Truck/Trailer Repair and Maintenance Expert at Pacific Coast Motor Carrier Safety Institute in San Dimas, CA, where he investigates and analyzes accidents involving repairs and maintenance, regarding DOT, BIT, Brakes, ABS Braking Systems Steering, Wheel-end suspension, and Hydraulic P.T.O. Systems in heavy vehicles and hi-pressure tube trailing maintenance in trucks, buses, tractor/semi-trailers, and tankers.

As the Shop Forman at BOC/Airco Gases for 10 years, Mr. Ward was responsible for dealing directly with local vendors to have equipment repaired under warranty or refurbished to company standards. He also traveled for the company training new mechanic at other locations and at his own.

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Published: January 21, 2023
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