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Timothy W. Fong, MD (Addiction Psychiatrist Expert Witness)

(Addiction Psychiatrist Expert Background Info Summary)

Timothy W. Fong, MD – Addiction Psychiatrist Expert Witness is a Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist. He estimates that approximately 90% of the work he does is related to patients with drug/alcohol addictions. He states he is comfortable talking about the clinical signs and course of addiction, impact on behavior, judgement, decision making, etc.

Dr. Fong studied B.A. in English and B.S. in Biology from Northwestern University in Evanston, and MD from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. After that, he did a Postgraduate Program in Adult Psychiatry and an Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at UCLA – Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital.


(Addiction Psychiatrist Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • UCLA Psychiatry Residency Program Chief Resident (2001 to 2002)
  • Board of Directors – California Council on Problem Gambling (2002 to 2009)
  • Member – Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Committee, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital (2004 to Present)
  • Member – Advisory Board, Innovations CNS (2005 to Present)
  • Alumni Admissions Council – Northwestern University (2013 to Present)
  • Member – Southern California Psychiatric Society (1998 to Present)
  • Member – American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (2000 to Present)
  • Member – American Society of Addiction Medicine (2007 to Present)
  • ACNP Travel Award (2003)
  • Medical Student Teaching Award – Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences (2009)


(Addiction Psychiatrist Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Dr. Fong is currently an Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA, Director of the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, and Director of the Impulse Control Disorders Clinic. He is also an Expert Reviewer for the Medical Board of California in the specialty area of Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr. Fong was awarded a scholarship to complete an Alcohol Medical Scholars Program. The main motive of this program was to promote education in medical schools regarding the identification and management of substance use disorders.

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Published: January 12, 2023
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