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From engineering and fire cause & origin to orthopedic surgery and medical billing our database offers specialized knowledge for diverse case scenarios. Expertinfo.com ensures you find the perfect expert witness for your case. If our database does not include an expert to suit your needs, we will work hard to fill the request. Register now to elevate your legal team with our expert witness services.

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Michael D. Rohfeld, Partner
Attorney with Resnick & Louis, P.C.

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In the complex landscape of legal battles, the presence of a seasoned expert witness can play a pivotal role in illuminating complex issues. Our diverse roster spans multiple disciplines, including but not limited to Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, and more specialized fields such as Forensic Accounting, Oceanography, and Animal Husbandry.

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A headshot of Preston Rideout wearing a black suit with bright blue button-down shirt.

Preston Rideout

(Dram Shop and Liquor Liability Expert Witness)
Jeffrey Hickman PhD wears a striped button up shirt and red tie.

Jeffrey Hickman, Ph.D.

(Human Factors and Warnings Expert Witness)
A headshot of William Petersen, PE

William K. Petersen, P.E.

(Geology Expert Witness)

Adam R. Hall, P.E., NAFI-CFEI

(Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness)
John Bauer smiles in a photograph wearing a grey suit and black bow tie.

John G. Bauer, P.E., ACTAR

(Automotive Safety Expert Witness)
A headshot of Gregory Smith, PhD wearing a dark suit and light-blue tie

Gregory Smith, Ph.D., P.E.

(Protective Coatings Expert Witness)
A photograph of Carter Terry wearing a charcoal suit and blue patterned tie. He has neatly trimmed hair.

Carter W. Terry, P.E., CWI

(Structural Engineer Expert Witness)

Robert S. James, Ph.D., P.E.

(Asphalt & Concrete Expert Witness)
A headshot of Roderick Rennison, PE, wearing a black suit with a patterned tie

Roderick Rennison, P.E.

(Industrial Renewable Energy Expert Witness)
A headshot of Jessica Zendler PhD wearing a black suit jacket over a white t-shirt with a gold necklace and earrrings.

Jessica M. Zendler, Ph.D.

(Biomedical Engineering Expert Witness)
A headshot of Courtney Cox, PhD wearing a black suit. She has long blond hair and smiles at the camera.

Courtney A. Cox, Ph.D.

(Biomechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Expert Witness)
A headshot of Lawrence Marley, PE-QEI wearing a black suit with a dark tie

Lawrence E. Marley, Jr., P.E.

(Vertical Transportation Expert Witness)
A headshot of Garrick Mitchell, PE wearing a dark suit and grey patterned tie

Garrick F. Mitchell, P.E.

(Mechanical Engineering and Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness)
A photo of Joseph Filas wearing a dark suit and a light blue tie

Joseph R. Filas, IAAI-CFI (V), NAFI-CFEI

(Fire Investigation and Fire Cause & Origin Expert Witness)

Brian R. George, Ph.D.

(Textile Science Expert Witness)
A head-shot photograph of Roger Champlin. He wears a black suit and silver tie.

Roger A. Champlin

(Tire Manufacturing Expert Witness)
A head-shot of John Brumleve. He has grey hair and wears a black suit and tie.

John T. Brumleve, NCARB, AIA, CTS-D

(Architecture and Audio Visual Expert Witness)
A photograph of Mohammed Mushtaq. He wears a dark suit, tie, and thick-rimmed glasses. He smiles at the camera.

Mohammad A. Mushtaq, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.

(Pavement Engineer Expert Witness)
A headshot of Hamidreza Pirayesh, PhD wearing a light grey suit with a patterned shirt and black tie

Hamidreza Pirayesh, Ph.D.

(Materials Engineering Expert Witness)
A headshot of Michael Urban, PE wearing a grey suit, white button-down shirt, and red tie

Michael J. Urban, P.E., ACTAR

(Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness)
A headshot of J. Todd, PhD in a light grey suite, white shirt, and striped tie

J. Jay Todd, Ph.D.

(Human Factors Expert Witness)

Brian C. Grieser, P.E., CPSM, CSP, CPE

(Marine Engineering Expert Witness)
Kelly Bosch PhD smiles in a dark suit jacket over a cobalt shirt. She wears her brown hair down and is smiling in this headshot photograph.

Kelly E. Bosch, Ph.D., P.E., ACTAR

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)
A headshot of Ye Xin, PhD, wearing a suit with a striped button up and a tie.

Xin Ye, Ph.D.

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)
A headshot of Ming Xiao, PhD wearing a dark suit with a white button-up and dark tie

Ming Xiao, Ph.D., P.E.

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)
A headshot of Samuel Sharpless, PE-NAFI-CFE wearing a dark suit with a red tie

Samuel L. Sharpless, P.E.

(Electrical Engineering Expert Witness)
A headshot of Wansoo Pak, PhD wearing a black suit with a slate blue tie

Wansoo Pak, Ph.D.

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)
A headshot of Anne Ward, PhD, wearing a navy-blue suit over a white blouse with a gold necklace.

Anne C. Ward, Ph.D.

(Security Screening Technologies Expert Witness)
A headshot of Andrew Stringer, PE wearing a dark suit with a red tie and a white button-down shirt

Andrew B. Stringer, P.E.

(Oil & Gas Drilling Expert Witness)
A headshot of Robert Scates, PhD, wearing a black suit with a red tie

Robert M. Scates, Ph.D.

(Chemical Processes Expert Witness)
A headshot Zhongyuan Qian, PhD-PE in a black suit, light purple shirt and navy and purple stripped tie.

Zhongyuan Qian, Ph.D.

(Renewable Energy Materials Expert Witness)
A headshot of Eric Mayes, ACTAR wearing a black suit with a peach tie and round glasses

Eric J. Mayes, ACTAR

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)
A headshot of Michael Liebschner, PhD, wearing a grey suit with light colored hair, glasses, a bright tie.

Michael A.K. Liebschner, Ph.D., P.E.

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)

Farheen S. Khan, Ph.D.

(Construction Equipment - Warnings Expert Witness)
Scott Drouin, PhD in a dark suit smiling at the camera

Scott M. Drouin, Ph.D.

(Toxicology and Respiratory Expert Witness)
Richard Baratta PhD wears a grey suit and blue tie. He has neatly trimmed facial hair and smiles at the camera for his head-shot.

Richard V. Baratta, Ph.D.

(Biomechanics Expert Witness)

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