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West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar 2024legal networking

West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar 2024legal networking

Calling all expert witnesses

A Must Go To Event

The West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar

is a top event for professionals in the construction defect community.

Established in 1993, it’s the must-attend event for insights into prosecution, defense, insurance coverage, and industry advancements. Moreover, it offers unparalleled networking opportunities, enabling attendees to build valuable, long-lasting professional relationships. According to the landing page? It’s a Must-Go-To event.

Read more about the West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar here.

Why Attend?

As a must-go-to event, the seminar is more than just an educational experience—it’s a dynamic hub for industry professionals. With 1200-1400 attendees each year, including legal experts, insurance professionals, builders, and contractors, it’s an essential platform for knowledge-sharing and professional development.’s Participation

See you at Booth 42

Jesse De La Torre and Claudia Mendez, representing, are thrilled to attend this significant event. Their participation highlights’s commitment to connecting with leading industry professionals and connecting with experts.

Jesse and Claudia look forward to seeing past clients and making new acquaintances.

Here in the office? We’re hoping they direct some experts to our “Expert Surveys”

page, where they share their insights about how they approach expert depositions and expert witness testimonies. With a database of over fifteen thousand experts, we are excited to feature contributors in upcoming content.

A Commitment to Expertise

The seminar’s success stems from its attendee-focused approach, which is particularly exciting to us at

We admire how West Coast Casualty continually seeks feedback to ensure each event is more informative and engaging. This dedication is evident in the continuing education credits offered by 67 different organizations. As always, we look-forward to meeting more dedicated-to-growth professional experts.

Like, the West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar has more than thirty years of experience in growth. Their commitment to process and service is an example we admire.

Events like West Coast Casualty support our pursuit of a next-level technical solution for accessing vital information securely and at your convenience.

A photo of an expert witness typing on a laptop with legal icons floating above their hands.

Looking To learn More about Becoming an Expert witness?

Stay tuned for updates and insights from Jesse and Claudia’s experience at the 2024 West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar, which promises opportunities for engagement. Reach out directly to [email protected] or see the form below to contact the team.

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