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Catching Up With

Catching Up With

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An interview with Jesse De La Torre President & CEO

Can you tell us about the team dynamic in the office/on staff? Have people been around for long periods of time?
The team dynamic at is highly collaborative and friendly, with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Staff members demonstrate impressive attention to detail, passion for their work, unwavering professionalism, and attentiveness. This supportive and cooperative environment has led to significant employee longevity, with a very low turnover rate. Many team members have been with the company for decades, underscoring the positive work culture that promotes individual and collective success.

Strategic Evolutions

With the recent updates to Expertinfo’s presence, can you discuss the strategic thinking behind these changes? How do they align with the evolving needs of your customers and the broader industry trends?
Our strategy is clear: to ensure that remains at the forefront of connecting legal professionals with the expert witnesses they need, facilitated by the most advanced, user-friendly digital platform available. We’re excited about these changes and confident in their alignment with the current and future needs of our customers and the legal industry at large.
At the heart of our strategy is a deep understanding that the legal profession is becoming increasingly reliant on digital solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility. Recognizing this shift, we embarked on a journey to not only refresh our website but to fundamentally enhance how we connect legal professionals with expert witnesses. Our updated website, featuring improved search functionality and the initial phase of our online expert database, is a direct response to our users’ need for speed and precision in finding the right expertise.
Simultaneously, the launch of our beta app represents a forward-thinking approach to mobile accessibility. We acknowledge that our clients require the flexibility to manage their expert needs on the go, which is why we are currently in work on integrating this app with our website – to provide a seamless, all-in-one platform for their expert witness engagements.
These changes are aligned with a broader industry trend towards digital transformation. The legal field is increasingly embracing technology, from artificial intelligence and blockchain to mobile applications, seeking to leverage these tools to streamline operations and enhance the delivery of legal services. By staying ahead of these trends, is not just adapting to the present but leading the way into the future of legal expert consulting.

Technology and Innovation

What role has technology played in the past of How do you see technology adding to the network in the future?

We’re really at the beginning of our journey towards creating a more dynamic, user-friendly platform. Our recent website overhaul is a testament of our commitment to efficiency and concierge-level-services. With an updated look, enhanced search functionality, and the beginnings of an online database transformation—currently one-tenth complete—we’re on track to have our full roster of 15,000 experts accessible online before 2026.
The launch of our new app marks another milestone in our technological evolution. This app is not just an extension of our services; it’s a central hub for managing all expert witness engagements with From locating the right expertise to facilitating seamless communication, the app will integrate fully with our website, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive service experience for our users by 2025.

Navigating Challenges

Every company faces its set of challenges, especially during periods of significant change. What have been some of the biggest challenges  Expertinfo faced during its recent updates, and how were they addressed?
Updating a company as established as has been no small feat, and it’s an endeavor that continues to unfold. Our journey to modernize and enhance our platform, while preserving the trusted legacy we’ve built over the years, has presented unique challenges and opportunities. We are actively continuing our efforts to update and refine our services, with several exciting developments still on the horizon. Our dedication to improving is unwavering, and we look forward to unveiling more enhancements that will further cement our role as a leader in connecting legal professionals with expert witnesses.

Future Vision

Looking forward, what is your vision for in the next 5 to 10 years, especially considering the foundation these recent updates have laid?
Our commitment is to not only maintain’s position as a leader in expert witness services but to push the boundaries of what’s possible, leveraging technology to make the search for and engagement with expert witnesses as effective and efficient as possible.

Leadership Philosophy

As a leader, how has your philosophy or approach influenced the direction of these recent updates, and how do you see it guiding Expertinfo in the future?
My leadership approach has been pivotal in steering towards maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism, especially in handling the cases our expert witnesses are engaged with. I view these legal cases and claims with utmost seriousness and believe organization is essential for our clients to be thoroughly prepared for Mediation, Deposition, and Trial, enabling them to accurately discuss their experts’ findings. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 highlighted several inefficiencies within the industry, which presented me with an opportunity to develop a new digital platform and app, aimed at providing comprehensive solutions to our clients and expert witnesses. I regard the 2020s as a pivotal decade for collaboration among attorneys,, and expert witnesses to achieve the best results for our clients. Moving forward, my vision is to streamline communication and case navigation, ensuring a smooth process for all parties involved. The revamped website and app are steps towards this goal, aiming to create a more cohesive and less chaotic experience for everyone working on a case.

Engaging with the Community

With the recent updates, how do you plan to continue or enhance this engagement and support for the community?
In our endeavor to deepen engagement within our community, is intensifying efforts to showcase the expertise and experiences of our distinguished expert witnesses through enriched content. By highlighting their experiences, we aim not only to highlight their invaluable work but also increase awareness. This approach includes featuring expert insights in our blog series, leveraging social media to share success stories, and ensuring our presence at key legal and professional conferences. These initiatives are designed to foster a vibrant community where expertise is celebrated, shared, and continuously expanded. Moving forward, we are committed to enhancing these efforts, providing more opportunities for our experts to share their insights and experiences.
Thank you for reading our interview with Jesse De La Torre. We appreciate your interest in learning about the evolution and future vision of Your engagement is invaluable to us as we continue to enhance our services and contribute to the legal community. Stay tuned for more insights and updates by following our blog and social media channels.
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