Gain unparalleled access to our extensive network of expert witnesses spanning all 50 states. Whether your case is in New York or California, we’re equipped to provide the specialized expertise you need, anywhere in the United States.

Connecting Expert Witnesses with Leading Law Firms

Connecting Expert Witnesses with Leading Law Firms

At, we specialize in connecting expert witnesses with top-tier law firms. With over thirty-five years of experience, we’ve learned a few things about supporting the process. So, we began developing a platform to provide a seamless and efficient platform for professionals seeking to lend their expertise to high-profile cases. Check it out here —we’d love to hear your feedback!

Our Extensive Lawyer Network boasts a vast network of legal professionals. This network enables us to match specific expert witnesses with law firms needing their specialized skills and knowledge. Or, in the words of Michael D. Rohfeld, Partner with Resnick & Louis, P.C. “I’ve practiced in the field of personal injury defense for over 40 years, I’ve come to know, work with, and appreciate the services that Pro Consul and now has and can offer. Their service and reliability has always been top-notch. It’s a great organization that has a depth of available expert assistance that I’ve not seen anywhere else. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

Partnerships with Prestigious Law Firms

We are proud of our robust partnerships with some of the most prestigious law firms nationwide. These collaborations offer expert witnesses the chance to contribute to significant and impactful cases, enhancing their professional experience and visibility.

Success Stories from Our Expert Witnesses

Our history abounds with success stories from expert witnesses who have successfully worked with leading law firms through With our assistants, experts like José L. Fuentes, Ph.D have provided testimonials such as, “We are surprised at how quickly Expertinfo was able to collect on a large, past-due account. Our office worked for several years to procure reimbursement, yet made very little progress. After collecting a small percentage of the amount due, we received help from Claudia and her capable team at Expertinfo. They knew exactly how to navigate the details of expert contracts and multi-professional reimbursement processes. Within a few months, we were paid in full. Expertinfo saved our company many hours of time and effort, essentially providing us with an on-call resource for expert collections. In the future, we will send them uncollectible accounts much earlier. We look forward to working with them again.”

Seamless Matching and Engagement

At, we understand the importance of a streamlined matching process. Our platform is designed to facilitate smooth and efficient engagements between expert witnesses and law firms.

User-Friendly Platform Features

Our intuitive platform features make it easy for expert witnesses to find and connect with the right legal professionals. With a user-friendly interface, managing profiles and handling case inquiries has never been simpler.

Efficient Communication Tools

Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration. Our platform includes efficient tools that allow expert witnesses and law firms to interact directly, discuss case details, and establish clear communication from the outset.

Enhancing Your Professional Reputation

Building a solid professional reputation is essential for expert witnesses. offers several features to help experts enhance their credibility and market themselves effectively to law firms.

Verified Credentials and Reviews

Our thorough verification ensures that all expert witnesses have their credentials checked and validated. Additionally, reviews from previous engagements give law firms confidence in the expert witness’s abilities and track record.

Building a Strong Online Profile

A compelling online profile is crucial for attracting the attention of top law firms. provides guidance and tools for expert witnesses to build and maintain a strong profile that highlights their expertise, experience, and professional achievements.

By focusing on these critical areas, connects expert witnesses with leading law firms and supports them in building a reputable and successful career in the legal industry.

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